Musings and thoughts on Engineering Leadership


Animations and Transitions

Can you believe that at this point we were only like half way through the first day?! I’m amazed at how much was covered so quickly. read more



Broccoli is a js build tool. The goal of broccoli is to have an architecture that allows faster build reloads. read more


Contributing to Ember

This is going to be a pretty short write up because a lot of the talk just went of the technical structure of how to contribute. read more


Ember Components transclude my directives

components were mentioned a lot during this conference but this session gave me some interesting understanding of additional terms and a little bit of Angular. read more


Ember Data

Ember data is also something that is discussed a lot and that I understand but haven’t really had a chance to dive into as much as I’d like to so far. read more


EmberConf 2014 - Setting the Scene

This conference was the first official Ember conference and it was fantastic. read more


Opening Keynote

Talking about the opening keynote at EmberConf read more


Using Ember to Make the Seemingly Impossible Easy

Using Ember to Make the Seemingly Impossible Easy read more


Controlling Route Traversals with Flow

Controlling Route Traversals with Flow read more


Being a Healthy Programmer

Health issues. Something we all face as developers but is not really talked about. Being a developer comes with some very specific health concerns that are different than what I’ve experienced in other fields. read more


Ember- An Intro

I’ve recently started learning Ember. The process of learning ember has been really interesting so far, but one issue I’ve found is a lack of newbie-centric articles since the language is so new. read more


Interesting Reads 3/15 - 3/21

Interesting Reads 3/15 - 3/21 read more


So Many Random Learnings

I love learning and in the past few weeks, I've learned so much!! In lieu of a more organized post on this stuff, here’s a random smattering of what I’ve learned the last few weeks. read more


Interesting Reads 3/8 - 3/14

Interesting Reads 3/8 - 3/14 read more


Learning to Code is NOT Easy

In the past few months, the necessity to learn to code has been everywhere. read more


Final Gem Post- The Action Class

Final Gem Post- The Action Class read more

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