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Empowering Engineering Excellence

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Using my leadership expertise from GitHub, DEV, QuotaPath, and more, to improve your software engineering productivity through detailed assessment and strategic initiatives.

Fractional VP of Engineering

The experience and expertise you need with the budget and scope you have.

Do you:

  • Constantly deprioritize important tasks?
  • Need someone to partner with for faster engineering progress?
  • Want someone who's seen it all and knows what to?
  • Wish you knew more about what your engineering team is working on?
  • Wish your engineering team was more cross-functional?
  • Need to hire an engineering leader but don't know where to start?

Meeting Design and Facilitations

Plan a customized offsite, onsite, retreat, or strategic meeting that meets your unique needs and has lasting impact.

Do you:

  • Need to make the most of a limited budget?
  • Want to ensure your offsite has tangible outcomes?
  • Struggle to find the time to ensure your offsite content is captivating and engaging?
  • Want to ensure your team leaves inspired, overflowing with positivity, and truly valuing the time they spent together?
  • Wish you had some consistency across departments and teams for offsite goals and outcomes?

Engineering Team Health Audit

Get a snapshot of your engineering org based on key attributes of high performing teams

Do you:

  • Wish you could adequately assess your engineering teams' potential?
  • Want to know what is working and what isn't on your engineering team?
  • Have the right people in the right seats working on the right things?

What others are saying

Allison knows how to build and sustain incredibly effective engineering, product, design partnerships. Working with her really helped strengthen the entire company and what we were able to ship to users.

Jennie Ocken

Enterprise Principal Product Manager, CH Robinson

Allison knows when and how to work with individuals and teams both at the leadership level and those reporting to her to empower and engage and get results.

Lynn Wallenstein

SVP of Engineering, CargoSense

I worked with Allison at GitHub, including on one of the most organizationally complex projects of my career. She's basically the most effective engineering leader I've ever worked with. She's knowledgeable, strategic, and fantastic at building alignment across many stakeholders and driving outcomes.

Joel Califa

VP Design, Heap

Offsites with Allison were amazing. She knew how to make sure we walked away from our experiences with great memories, lots of fun, critical action steps, and a great plan moving forward.

Josh Puetz

Experienced Software Engineer, Donut

What stands out about Allison is her passion for building well-operating, happy and diverse engineering teams, her ability to help organizations think critically about big-picture topics like goal-setting and planning, and her willingness to work cross-functionally. Allison is a partner who is always in doing what is best for both customers and the business as a whole.

Caroline Tarpey

Founder, Karon Consulting

I value Allison as a critical thought partner. She asks great questions to get to the heart of what’s going on and works collaboratively to empathize and advise on possible solutions.

Neha Batra

VP of Engineering, GitHub

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