31-Mar-2014 by Allison McMillan

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Other Great Things I Learned At EmberConf

As a newbie in development, I like to do a post on random things I learned during the conference. These often end up being CS terms, nerd culture related, or other interesting items that didn’t quite fit/make sense in a session post. Here are those from this conference.

Primitives: basic types in javascript like booleans and numbers.

Orthogonal: not a computer term, it just means adjacent.

Grok: means to really really understand something. It’s actually coined from a book about an alien and it’s understanding of humans. Check out the link to the book here.

D3 is a drawing library mostly used for graph’s or charts

Donut charts are pie charts with a hole in the middle

Truthy/falsy: this concept is more or less important based on the language. Basically, when stuff isn’t strictly true or false, javascript tries to help you out and guess which one it’ll be. A quick google search shows that there are lots of better explanations out there on what it is. This one looks pretty comprehensive and interesting: https://gist.github.com/jfarmer/2647362

CLI is a command line interface and it is how you interact with the app on the command line. (A perfect example of things I’ve been doing but didn’t actually know the name for)

This is a great background blog post that a few sessions referred to: http://emberjs.com/blog/2013/12/17/whats-coming-in-ember-in-2014.html

Finally, for other great notes from the conference, check out these links:






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