Musings and thoughts on Engineering Leadership


Unlocking Advanced Facilitation Skills: Insights from Georgetown University's Transformational Leadership Facilitation Certification

Learn about the key insights I gained from Georgetown University's Facilitation Certification course, including advanced techniques, personal growth, and the art of designing impactful meetings. read more


Can't Meet in Person? Tips for Planning a Great Virtual Offsite

Discover expert strategies to transform your virtual offsite into an engaging, fun, and productive experience, overcoming the challenges of remote team dynamics. read more


Reflection: When was your team last together?

Reflect on your company's past few years, thinking about how deep thinking, problem solving, and peer connections are being prioritized. read more


Breaking Down Barriers: How Field Trips to Different Team Offsites Spark Cross-Team Collaboration

Explore how field trips to different teams' offsites can serve as a powerful tool for fostering inter-departmental understanding, collaboration, and the sharing of diverse insights within a company. read more


Finding Your Creative Spaces: Unleashing Innovation and Strategic Leadership

Delving into finding creative spaces and changing work methods, moving beyond traditional desks to places like cozy corners, coffee shops, and coworking spaces, and adopting strategies like brainstorming and mind mapping to enhance creativity and strategic thinking. read more


Leadership Insights: Crafting Meaningful 1:1s

Explore key strategies for conducting effective 1:1 meetings fostering stronger connections and driving organizational success. read more


The Offsite Misconception: Why They're Not Perks, But Business Essentials

Debunking the myth of offsites as perks, highlighting their crucial role in fostering productive, cohesive business environments. read more


Transforming Meh to Memorable: Secrets of Successful Offsite Planning

Exploring the journey from organizing average offsites to creating gatherings that truly resonate with teams and how our best laid plans often get diverted for other priorities. read more


Leading Through Pain

Highlighting the profound impact of simple gestures during horrific times and ways to take care of others AND yourself read more


Focus Advising Sessions: Delve into Your Leadership Challenges

Sign up today to dive deep into targeted leadership topics, from hiring to offsites to team health, with our upcoming Focus Advising sessions – your catalyst for transformative insights and actionable strategies. read more


Workshop Announcement: Crafting Purposeful Offsites: From Goals to Actionable Outcomes

Register for this workshop today to jumpstart your Engineering, Product, and Design offsite planning with purpose and clarity. read more


The September Mindset: Paving the Way for End-of-Year Success

Dive into the essence of September as a pivotal month for self-reflection and transition. Learn how both personal and professional journeys intertwine, and grasp key questions to guide your end-of-year strategies. read more


Beyond the Spreadsheet: Why Cancelling Team Offsites is a Hidden Cost You Can't Afford

Discover why team offsites are more than just a line in the budget – they're an investment in connection, creativity, and collaboration – and why cancelling them may lead to unseen long-term costs. read more


Leading through Reorgs

Reorgs can be challenging. Here are some tips for navigating them effectively read more


Nurturing Connections in Casual Gatherings

Learn how to turn casual team offsites into transformative, memorable experiences that foster deep connections and heighten productivity without compromising the relaxed vibe. read more


Beating the Heat of Summer PTO: An Engineering Leader's Guide to Staying Cool

Discover effective ways to manage your team during vacation season, ensuring smooth transitions, maintained efficiency, and care for the well-being of your teammates. read more

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