Musings and thoughts on Engineering Leadership


Program on my iPad?! - Day 3, Session 3

have you ever programmed on your phone or iPad? I haven't but now I totally want to. read more


RubyConf Randomness: Other things I learned that weekend

This post if all about the other random things I learned at RubyConf. read more


Encouraging new Software Developers- Day 3, Session 1

Kinsey is a newer developer and did a great job on her talk!! The talk was closely related to my lightning talk and discusses apprentice programs and what has really helped her become a software engineer along the way. read more


Keynote: Code StoryTelling

The main premise of the talk was that your code should tell a story. read more


Day 2 begins at RubyConf

Day 2 begins at RubyConf read more


UML: not just random letters - Day 2 Session 3

UML diagrams can help diagram code which helps programmers see it and organize it with more clarity. read more


Session 5: Regular Expressions

Session 5: Regular Expressions read more


The Pry talk!

The Pry talk! read more


RubyConf Session 3 - Recommendation Engines

RubyConf Session 3 - Recommendation Engines read more


On Grit and Learning

I’ve thought a lot over the past few years about how I learn, the importance of learning, and to be honest, how my upbringing and self-confidence has been affected by my learning. read more


Onto Session 2!

Data structures and a zombie apocolypse read more


RubyConf: First session

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Ruby Conf in Miami! It was fantastic. I learned a ton. read more


Mentorship from a n00b's perspective

While at RubyConf, I did my first lightning talk!!! read more


6, I have 6 Eulers

Euler 6! This is getting a bit more difficult to post about the Euler problems because I've actually completed all 10 a few weeks ago now. read more


A Day in the Life of LivingSocial

Shadowing at LivingSocial read more

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