Musings and thoughts on Engineering Leadership


Mentorship Goals

Arlington Ruby Mentorship read more


Learning… The next few tutorials and tools

Learning… The next few tutorials and tools read more


Are you good code or bad code? - Day 3, Session 4

A panel discussion on good and bad code patterns read more


Program on my iPad?! - Day 3, Session 3

have you ever programmed on your phone or iPad? I haven't but now I totally want to. read more


RubyConf Randomness: Other things I learned that weekend

This post if all about the other random things I learned at RubyConf. read more


Encouraging new Software Developers- Day 3, Session 1

Kinsey is a newer developer and did a great job on her talk!! The talk was closely related to my lightning talk and discusses apprentice programs and what has really helped her become a software engineer along the way. read more


Keynote: Code StoryTelling

The main premise of the talk was that your code should tell a story. read more


Day 2 begins at RubyConf

Day 2 begins at RubyConf read more


UML: not just random letters - Day 2 Session 3

UML diagrams can help diagram code which helps programmers see it and organize it with more clarity. read more


Session 5: Regular Expressions

Session 5: Regular Expressions read more


The Pry talk!

The Pry talk! read more


RubyConf Session 3 - Recommendation Engines

RubyConf Session 3 - Recommendation Engines read more


On Grit and Learning

I’ve thought a lot over the past few years about how I learn, the importance of learning, and to be honest, how my upbringing and self-confidence has been affected by my learning. read more


Onto Session 2!

Data structures and a zombie apocolypse read more


RubyConf: First session

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend Ruby Conf in Miami! It was fantastic. I learned a ton. read more


Mentorship from a n00b's perspective

While at RubyConf, I did my first lightning talk!!! read more

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