19-Sept-2023 by Allison McMillan

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Focus Advising Sessions: Delve into Your Leadership Challenges

As leaders, we think through solutions to problems every day. We are always working towards tackling the next thing, figuring out how to make our people and our businesses successful. But sometimes you get stuck, or sometimes in a rut, and need someone to brainstorm with, get advice from, or just need an outside perspective from an expert. Enter Focus Advising sessions. Check out these three topic-specific focus advising sessions coming up in the next few weeks. Availability is limited so book your spot today.

1. Planning Effective Offsites: Beyond Team Building

The word "offsite" often conjures images of team-building exercises and leisurely activities. While these are essential, an effective offsite should also drive strategic alignment, foster innovation, and enhance team cohesion.

Why sign up for a time? Come with questions about:

  • The essential components that differentiate a standard offsite from an impactful one.
  • Setting clear objectives for your offsite and determining ways to measure its success.
  • Designing activities that not only entertain but also align with strategic business objectives.
  • Translating the enthusiasm and alignment from an offsite into tangible, daily operational outcomes.

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2. Evaluating Your Engineering Team’s Health: A Holistic Approach

The health of your engineering team doesn't solely hinge on deadlines met or code deployed. It encompasses team dynamics, mental well-being, skill development, and the ability to innovate under pressure.

Why sign up for a time? Come with questions about:

  • Tools and methodologies to assess team health beyond traditional metrics.
  • Recognizing the importance and impact of mental well-being on productivity and innovation.
  • Cultivating a team environment that encourages continuous learning and growth.
  • Identifying potential signs of discord within the team and proactive strategies to address them.

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3. Hiring Engineering Leaders: Making Strategic Choices for Your Organization

Navigating the hiring landscape for engineering leaders requires more than just sorting through resumes. It’s about recognizing potential, understanding cultural fit, and predicting how a leader can drive innovation and growth to solve the problems you are currently facing.

Why sign up for time? Come with questions around:

  • How to discern between technical prowess and genuine leadership potential.
  • Strategies for identifying candidates who genuinely align with your company's vision and culture.
  • Addressing challenges related to fostering diversity and inclusion in tech leadership roles.
  • Tips and best practices to refine your hiring processes for long-term success.

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Why Focus Advising?

Being at the helm, leaders constantly juggle myriad responsibilities. The urgency of day-to-day operations often leaves little time for deep dives into specific areas. Focus Advising sessions offer this precise opportunity - to pause, reflect, learn, and act. By dedicating time to a singular area of concern, leaders can garner in-depth insights, engage in meaningful discussions, and walk away with actionable strategies. It’s not just about troubleshooting; it’s about evolving and leading with confidence.

So, if you want to enhance your leadership prowess, ensure your team's sustained success, or just think through an issues you've been grappling with, these Focus Advising sessions are designed for you. Dive deep, learn, and lead fearlessly.

If you're looking for a longer session, reach out! I'm available for 1:1 advising and mentoring sessions on a regular basis on any topic you'd like to cover.

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