13-Sept-2023 by Allison McMillan

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Workshop Announcement: Crafting Purposeful Offsites: From Goals to Actionable Outcomes

Are you thinking about planning your next offsite? Do you have one coming up for this fall that you haven't quite started planning? Or maybe you have started planning it but you're not thrilled with the direction it's going in? Worried your team won't walk away from it with what they need to? Then this workshop is for you!

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This workshop will be capped at 20 participants

I'm offering an interactive workshop on October 11, 2023 where you'll plan your goals and outline the deliverables you want to get from your next offsite.

Jumpstart your Engineering, Product, and Design offsite planning with purpose and clarity. Let’s face it: One of the most challenging aspects of orchestrating an offsite is ensuring every minute counts. Dive beyond the surface-level objectives of "uniting the team" and "finding common ground." This workshop is your gateway to designing an offsite experience that seamlessly juggles diverse priorities while communicating the indispensable value of such a gathering to stakeholders.

In a dynamic 90-minute session, this workshop will inspire you to:

  • Spark innovative ideas through brainstorming

  • Exchange insights and solutions with like-minded leaders

  • Establish compelling goals that focus on tangible and intangible outcomes

  • Preview examples of robust, efficient offsite agendas tailored for both in-person and virtual settings

  • Start to understand diverse methodologies to design captivating sessions

Why should you sign up for this workshop?

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Guarantee that your offsite's return on investment is significant, saving both time and money. The potential savings from optimizing your offsite can easily amount to thousands.

  • Break Initial Barriers: Overcome the primary planning challenges, accelerating your offsite's preparation.

  • Tailored Team Insights: Grasp the unique perspectives of engineering, product, and design teams - how they resonate with offsites, their distinct outlooks, and the language and frameworks that truly engage them.

  • Compelling Advocacy: Equip yourself to persuasively present the need for offsites, securing the necessary resources and backing from higher-ups.

  • Concrete Deliverables: Transcend discussions and draft tangible action items, follow-ups, and results that will transform your team's dynamic.

  • Enhanced Team Unity: Lay the groundwork to foster a sense of alignment and camaraderie among team members, leading to consistent collaborative success.

  • Idea Exchange Platform: Immerse in a rich exchange of strategies and solutions, drawing from the collective wisdom of peers.

  • Peer Inspiration: Engage with an assembly of forward-thinking leaders, absorbing ideas that could be the game-changer for your next offsite.

Note: This workshop is limited to 20 participants

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