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Did You Know?

  • Socializing between team members improves communication patterns more than 50%
  • Employee isolation feelings reduce productivity up to 21%
  • Remote teams can surpass in-person teams if they receive the right kind of support, communication, and team building opportunities
  • Motivated workers outperform those with low engagement by 202%.
  • At least 70% of variance in team engagement can be attributed to the quality of the team manager or leader
  • Happiness raises business productivity by 31%.
  • 50% of positive changes in communication patterns in the workplace can be credited to social interaction outside the workplace
  • Team building can improve work ethic and innovation up to 10 times

The best time to work with me is when your team, department, company, or organization is navigating transitions.

Examples include:
  • Cultural shifts
  • Strategic planning
  • High growth periods
  • New capital investment
  • Staff reductions

Guide your group from point A, where they currently are, to point B, where you want them to be, more collaboratively and more effectively.

What Does A Successful Gathering Look Like?

Planning and executing successful gatherings requires much more than just booking a venue and making sure everyone attends. It's an intricate process that needs time, thoughtful consideration, and a specific set of skills—especially when these gatherings involve engineering teams. So, reflect for a moment on your last offsite event. What worked well? What elements were missing? Did it achieve the outcomes you envisioned?

Successful gatherings are not just about meeting a variety of goals, but also about fostering a team spirit that resonates even after the event. Let's work together to make your next gathering a memorable and meaningful one.

Effective offsites, onsites, retreats, and other kinds of meetings, demand a different cognitive approach than the routine. They necessitate a grasp of group dynamics, knowledge of interactive modalities, and most importantly, an understanding of individuals' mindsets. As most leaders often navigate this terrain without support, their unfamiliarity with offsite planning and facilitation can culminate in sub-optimal results and even skepticism from participants. This can lead to anxiety among team members, fostering cynical expectations that potentially dampen the overall experience.

Why Work With Me For Your Next Gathering?

That's where I step in. With decades of experience in orchestrating successful gatherings, both virtual and in-person, and a certification in facilitation from Georgetown University, I've honed the ability to turn these events into transformational experiences while maintaining the atmosphere you're looking for. I understand the unique intricacies of engineering and non-engineering teams — their reservations about team bonding activities, their remote working dynamics, and their distinctive thought processes. My goal is not just to organize an event, but to help you craft a gathering that leaves attendees inspired, engaged, and equipped for the future. Whether your offsite involves a single team, a department, multiple departments, or the entire company, I'm equipped to provide comprehensive assistance.

Packages include a variety of options, customized and tailored to your needs:
  • Advisory phone calls to work through problems
  • Facilitation coaching sessions
  • In-person, hands-on co-facilitation
  • Personalized draft agenda creation
  • Additional activity options/ideas
  • Content writing and detailed session design
  • Communication Templates
  • Post-gathering outcomes and action items review

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