01-Mar-2017 by Allison McMillan

Read Time: Approx. 3 minutes

Who am I? Drawing myself as a leader workshop


  • To have colleagues and peers think introspectively about themselves as a leader and end the workshop with a better understanding of who they want to be

Trigger: Give everyone a large sheet of paper and tell them to spread out around the room. They can grab any writing implements they would like (and can always get up during the activity and grab more/different ones). Explain to them that we're going to spend some time drawing who they want to be as a leader and then we'll discuss it (if they'd like). Facilitator Tip: In between each direction/step, give a few minutes for the group to really thinking about what they're doing (usually around a full 4-5 which feels like a lot but is really important for critical thinking and allowing people time to think of things that didn't immediately come to them when you first ask each question) ... you can judge the room to see how many people are done vs. still working on their drawing

  • You can start with drawing the outline of a person, it can be as sophisticated or as simple as you'd like.
  • To the side of the person, anywhere on the page, write the three characteristics you think are most important for a leader to have (a leader is whatever you define it as). Put a box around these words.
  • Now, let's start filling in the person, think about the whole person. Start with the head, what characteristics do they have? Think about their eyes, ears, mouth, hair, jewlery, accessories, etc.
  • Now let's look at the rest of the person... what are they wearing... clothing, shoes, again accessories, jewlery, etc.
  • Think about the tools this person needs and draw those... what are they holding, what are they using. Do they have a bag? if so, what's in it?
  • Around the person write down all of the things about them, what impacts them as a leader and their leadership style?
  • Add anything else to your picture that you feel represents who this person is as a leader.

Discussion: Facilitator tip: Bring everyone together (with their pictures) into a circle

  • Who wants to share what they drew and why they chose to draw what they did?
  • What aspect was the most difficult to think about/draw items for?
  • Now that you are seeing other peoples, what do you wish you had thought of/added to your drawing?
  • How is this similar or different from the leader you are today?
  • What are some concrete steps you can take to become the leader in the picture... the one you want to be?

Conclusion: We'll go around the circle and say the 1 leadership characteristic based on your drawing that you want to start focusing on immediately.

(after doing that) Feel free to hang your drawings up, keep them somewhere, and refer to them periodically as you're coming up with your goals for yourself and for you on the team.

Supporting Materials: None

Materials Needed:

  • Large pieces of paper
  • A variety of writing utensils including markers, crayons, colored pencils, and pens _ If you want to get REALLY crafty, you can also use different materials, construction paper, etc. in which case you also need glue

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