16-Mar-2017 by Allison McMillan

Read Time: Approx. 1 minute

Leadership Workshop: Values in Stickers

Leadership Development

Goal: To help individuals think about their current values as a leader and reflect on how they have changed in the past few years

Trigger: Have each laptop sticker represent a characteristic.

The characteristics are:

  • transparency
  • work/life balance
  • teaching, learning
  • fairness
  • integrity
  • decisiveness
  • authenticity
  • empowerment
  • communication
  • freebie (ie- something you think about when thinking about Judaism that isn’t covered in the other aspects)

Participants have 10 minutes to walk around and this about the things they value the most as a leader. Tell participants they can pick as many or as few characteristics as they would like and they can pick multiples of a sticker if that value is particularly important to them.

Discussion: Who would like to share which stickers they chose and why? Think about which stickers you may have chosen 5 years ago... would they be the same? or would they be different?

Conclusion: There are many different leadership values and leadership styles and we are always evolving as leaders. Feel free to keep these stickers on your laptop or in your office to periodically think about if your values as a leader have changed since doing this exercise.

Supporting materials: none

Materials needed: 11 different types of small laptop stickers with enough for each participant to take a couple, pieces of paper in case someone doesn't want to put stickers on their laptop. Sign that shows which laptop sticker is which characteristic

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