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As an Engineering leadership consultancy, we provide strategic guidance, mentorship, and support to help you achieve your goals and objectives. We understand the unique challenges faced by today's engineering leaders. Building high-performing, well-managed, and happy teams is critical to achieving business success. In fact, teams that perform at a high level are more likely to achieve their goals and objectives, deliver better results, and maintain higher levels of engagement and retention leading to less turnover and higher productivity rates. We offer customized solutions to help you navigate these challenges, optimize your team's performance, and create a culture of excellence through three services.

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Fractional VP of Engineering

  • Feel important tasks for your engineering team slipping through the cracks?
  • Need someone who's seen it all to lead your engineering team or partner with you to progress faster?
  • Wish you knew more about what your engineering team is working on?
  • Wish your engineering team worked more cross-functionally across the company?
  • Need to hire an engineering leader but don't know where to start?

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    Meeting Design and Facilitations

  • Need to make the most of a limited budget?
  • Want to ensure your offsite has tangible outcomes?
  • Struggle to find the time to ensure your offsite content is captivating and engaging?
  • Want to ensure your team leaves inspired, overflowing with positivity, and truly valuing the time they spent together?
  • Wish you had some consistency across departments and teams for offsite goals and outcomes?
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    Engineering Team Health Audit

  • Wish you could adequately assess your engineering teams' potential?
  • Want to know what is working and what isn't on your engineering team?
  • Have the right people in the right seats working on the right things?

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