28-Oct-2017 by Allison McMillan

Read Time: Approx. 1 minute

Workshop: Contributing to Open Source

Goal: Enable every individual to contribute to an open source repository

Trigger: Split the group into a few smaller groups (no more than 4). Give each group a repository to look at. Have them pick an issue to look at. Give each group 25 minutes to look into the issue and discuss it. What words are new? What seems like the most critical parts of this issue? How would you go about starting to contribute to this issue?

Take notes, feel free to start coding, etc. At the end of 25 minutes, you’ll present to the other groups what you learned and discussed in form of a song.

Discussion: What feels scary about contributing to open source? What’s challenging about contributing? What’s fun or exciting about contributing to this repository?

Conclusion: Go around and say one thing you’re excited to bring to the open source community *If possible, provide 45 minutes-an hour for folks to actually contribute while there.

Supporting Materials:

  • Glossary of common open source words used
  • A few blog posts about research into open source contributors or contributing to open source in general
  • GitHub’s guide to open source

Materials needed:

  • Links and names of a few repositories
  • Computers

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