How We Can Help - Engineering Team Health Audit

Did you know?

  • Code review quality leads to a 33% reduction in post-release bugs, up to 30% reduction in code complexity, 35% reduction in code maintenance time, and teams being 21% more likely to deliver code on time
  • Only 40% of founding CTOs have management experience
  • Cycle time is indicative of a variety of other key engineering metrics

What is an Engineering Team Health Check?

Wondering what your engineering team is working on or why ship dates keep getting delayed? Curious to get an outside point of view from an experienced engineering leader? Considering investing in a company and require more detailed information? Preparing to raise funds and wondering what potential investors might uncover? All these scenarios are valid reasons to consider an engineering team health audit or pre-investment due diligence.

What does the process look like?

By evaluating five key components of a highly effective team — code review, team dynamics, retention risks, cycle time, and prioritization clarity — you'll gain an understanding of the team's strengths as well as areas of growth. You'll receive a straightforward, easy-to-comprehend report detailing the health of the engineering team, inclusive of anonymized observations.

Companies willing to partake in the report must provide access to a variety of tools. Along with passively observing communications and attending meetings as an observer, I'll engage in scoped, hour-long sessions with key stakeholders and team members, as needed. The intent behind these reports is not to assign blame or demonize anyone; instead, they aim to offer comprehensive insights that can form the basis of constructive action plans for improvement.

Why get an Engineering team health audit?

The complexities of an engineering team often extend beyond the realms of code and technology. As an expert in deciphering both apparent and concealed issues within team dynamics, I bring a unique set of skills to the table. This human-centric perspective, combined with a deep understanding of technical aspects, ensures a comprehensive evaluation that can be crucial to a company's future. My objective is not only to identify challenges but also to illuminate pathways for growth and success.

Let me help you uncover the insights that can propel your team to the next level.

Price (based on team size): $5,000 - $7,000

Timeframe: 3-4 weeks

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