03-Dec-2017 by Allison McMillan

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Leadership Workshop: Company Values and You

Workshop: Company Values and You


To have folks think critically about the company values and how they relate to them individually and their team.

To solidify in peoples’ mind’s what the core values are and how to incorporate them into every day thinking

Trigger: Break the group up into the number of teams equal to the number of core values you have. For example, if the company has 3 core values, break into 3 groups. If there are 10 core values, break into 10 groups, but try to have no more than 8 people and no less than 3 people in each group.

Give each group 1 large piece of paper with 1 core value written on it and some markers. Each group will have 10 minutes and then will pass the paper clockwise. Do this until every group has gotten every paper.

In those ten minutes, discuss the core value as a group. Write down on the paper what you think of the core value? What words or concepts come to mind when thinking about this core value? What are some ways in which your team demonstrates this core value? (if the group is comprised of people from multiple teams, you can write down ways in which each team demonstrates it and if there are any ways in which all the teams demonstrate the value)

facilitator note: it might be helpful if you have a screen or whiteboard to write the above questions (and any others you add) so that groups can check in and remember what they’re supposed to be writing on the paper. Also, on these papers, people should feel free to be creative. They can write words, stories, sentences, or can draw pictures.

Discussion: Have each team skim over their paper and then take 3 minutes to present it to everyone else.

The presentation should summarize: What were some examples of things written down? How did groups interpret each core value? Was there duplication or agreement about a particular set of ideals?

Put all the papers up on a wall (or table) and give everyone 5-10 minutes to walk around and read through the papers.

Then reassemble the group for the discussion- Which core value do you think is most important to your team? Which is most important for you as an individual?

Conclusion: Give each person a smaller piece of paper with 1 section per core value. Give the group 10 minutes to individually write down in each section how they incorporate (or want to incorporate) each core value into their day-to-day.

Feel free to discuss these with your manager or hang them up in your workspace so that you keep them in mind as you go about your day-to-day work.

Supporting materials:

Core values and any information written about them

If possible, documentation about when, how, or why the core values were determined and how they came to be

Materials needed:

  • Large pieces of paper with 1 core value written at the top of each.

  • Markers

  • Pens

  • Smaller pieces of paper with core values in sections

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