25-Aug-2016 by Allison McMillan

Read Time: Approx. 1 minute

Abstractions: BDD: Baby Driven Development

I also spoke on the first day! If you’re interested seeing the slides from my talk: BDD: Baby Driven Development, check them out here{:target="_blank"} (spoiler alert: the pie chart slides are my favorite). The slides cover some results from a survey I put out for parent developers (which can be found here{:target="_blank"} if you’re interested in filing it out since it’s an ongoing research project). The talk also provides some suggestions and solutions that companies can put in place, that parents can work on, and that colleagues without children can try out. So if you're reading this and thinking, "I don't have kids so I won't get anything out of these slides", there are some good, tangible takeaways for you too.

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