05-Apr-2016 by Allison McMillan

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Parenting and Developing

A few months ago, I was learning how to balance being a new-ish software developer and a new mom. I reached out to a few mothers in the community and was amazed at what I heard. Every mom talked about facing similar challenges which got me thinking... do all parents feel this way? Are we all feeling isolated about the same issues?

As a result, I put together a survey and tweeted it out to parents (mothers and fathers) who are also developers. The results have been fascinating and very telling of issues and trends in this area.

The great people at Ruby on Ales allowed me to speak about the survey and it's findings this past weekend (video will be posted once it's available).

As I mentioned in the talk, this research will be ongoing. The more data I can collect, the better! If you are a developer and a parent, or know someone who is, Please fill out this survey if you have a chance. It's super short and we're all busy parents so don't worry about complete sentences or well-thought out responses... just a simple stream of consciousness is more than okay with me!

Thank you in advance!!! And ping me if you've got any questions.

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