03-May-2014 by Allison McMillan

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Interesting Reads 4/26 - 5/2

LOTS of really good reads this week on a whole variety of topics. There are some great ember tips and tricks to start with. The a few good iOS pearls. After that, some excellent articles and slides on Rails/ from RailsConf. And then finally, mixed in are some good pieces on imposter syndrome, onboarding, and coding in general. This week is definitely filled with a bunch of articles and posts and slides that are worth spending a few moments on.


Some great ember tips… still digging into most of these

Great iOS tools

Rails tricks and tips from railsconf

Interesting read on great qualities of software with more in-depth reading options as well

Fascinating read on refactoring in a super disciplined way

Awesome ember modal action

Just worth a read... in a weird way, it kinda reminds me why I love programming: http://stilldrinking.org/programming-sucks

I really love the "starter kit" idea: http://lnbogen.com/2013/04/11/how-to-use-your-unfair-advantage-to-create-an-unforgettable-first-day-for-new-hires/. Growing up in Young Judaea, when you got a leadership position on the board, you were passed a box. This box contained the info you needed to be good at your position but it also included fun items, toys, games, OLD YJ stuff, advice, etc. One of the best parts of having a leadership position was getting this box and then adding to it when you passed it down to the next person. You can't do this the same way in a work position, but I think the starter kit is close.

You are NOT an impostor slides

An honest, amazing piece abut impostor syndrome

Writing fewer bugs: http://ht.ly/wkg96

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