19-Apr-2014 by Allison McMillan

Read Time: Approx. 1 minute

Interesting Reads 4/12 - 4/18

This week, we've got some ember, some soft skills, some git practice, and more.


One of my goals is to understand and get better at git. This looks like a good resource... now I've just gotta make time for it!

To do, three things: http://blog.codinghorror.com/three-things/

A great article on thinking through giving feedback.

Interesting read, not sure I agree with all the parts… what are your thoughts?

Since Ember is my first javascript framework, i'm always looking for good articles that explain the similarities and differences between what's out there. This was a good comparison.

This is the sort of beginner's guide I've been waiting for in Ember! If you're curious about getting started, check out this link to walk through building a simple app.

Video on code architecture and making things better

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