28-Feb-2014 by Allison McMillan

Read Time: Approx. 1 minute

Interesting Reads Double-Wammy edition

I know, last week you were so disappointed when you didn't see the weekly interesting reads posted. Truth is, I had a list of them, but hadn't had a chance to read any of them yet. Hopefully this week's double-wammy list makes up for it.


RR last week was on passion and I think had some very interesting points.

As I've mentioned a few times, I'm doing A LOT of Ember now. It's actually really interesting and pretty enjoyable. This is a great post about ember that explains reasons for using it clearly and goes into the technical components as well.

Reading articles like this makes me feel better when I make these same mistakes.

There are lots of articles about saying no, but I think this one is actually worth a read.

Software development reading list.

Finally, So you want to be a software dev, but do you?

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