Companies depend on investing in their teams in order to attract and retain exellent talent. Are you creating the a strong, positive culture you desire? Are there areas of team building and education that could be better and more effective? I’ve worked in a variety of industries and team structures to help ensure a desireable culture. As a seasoned professional, I can help your company be at the top of it’s game in any of the following areas:

  • Establish internal mentorship programs
  • Improve internal mentorship programs
  • Develop learning plans and goals for individual teammates at any level
  • Assist individuals from junior to engineering manager examine career goals and career trajectory
  • Establish a culture of helpfulness and learning amongst a team
  • Implement effective training that includes team bonding, leadership development, and company goals
  • Hire remote developers at any level
  • Establish a healthy remote culture
  • Establish or improve onboarding strategies and process
  • Determine and implement family friendly policies to attract and retain talent

I am available as a consultant to help your team thrive on the above and in a variety of additional subjects. Please email me for more information and rates.